At this time of year we would like to extend a truly heart felt thank you to all of our supporters who have contributed in any way to making SRIVERM a reality. You have made the holidays happen every day at SRIVERM.

A few current 2016-17 update notes:


We still service 30 villages in these remote Himalayan foothills. Most of our people are illiterate, never having an opportunity like this before. For more than a decade our donors have made this possible.

This year we are adding on an eleventh class to the children's school. So we will be servicing 185 students from 3 yrs. old to Junior High School ages. In addition to the eleventh class we will be looking at the need in the coming year to repair and replace quite a number of student chairs and desks. The school operates minimal expenditures on furniture and the like, using only chairs, desks, and the blackboard for the student, and a chair, small table for the teacher.

We are searching for three very high quality selfless and dedicated teachers to improve the educational quality for our students, in the areas of English, Math, and Science. This means an increase in salary. Right now our teachers are making about $50.00 per month because that is what we have been able to afford. Our teachers are dedicated and doing the best they can, but they are also from the mountains and do not always have the level of expertise we would like our students to have expecially in the area of English as all their text books are written in English, their third language. Garhwali is their mother tongue, Hindi and English they learn in school.

Vijay Dhasmana is doing the advertising and screening for us from the areas surrounding HIHT Hospital.


Electrical work is the most popular skill sought. We offer a two year program and then certification after a state wide cumulative exam is issued. We take up to 23 students maximum. These students pay tuition and do cover much of the operating expenses. I am told all students are placed in jobs. This year we understand instead of waiting every two years for enrollment to start, we are being allowed to accept applications every year but it will continue to be a two year program.


This year we grew millet for the first time. this used to be a staple here only a generation ago. It grew well, as did the corn crop with many Non-GMO seeds from the US, and also some from India. Corn supplied all of us and families of the staff for at least a month It was eaten grilled and a variety of ways, including using it to make fresh corn mashed chappati's. The millet they are making into flour and will last us into next year as part of our flour needs.

The rural Development Institute (RDI) donated over one hundred fruiting tree starters. They sort of look like sticks, but if watered and natural fertilizer is used, along w. TLC they can grow very well.


The guest house is home to a variety of people. It services both long and short term guests and residents. It also provides meals, and a variety of tea times, for our drivers and conductors, garden staff, and some teachers daily. In addition the staff 'bends over backwards' to serve and welcomes our visitors.

We now have electricity much of the time and water nearly all of the time. There is also filtered water for drinking. Many of the rooms have space heaters now and all the rooms have ceiling fans. The building itself is in need of roofing repairs and the like after more than a decade of difficult weather conditions and is on our expenditure agenda for 2017.

Our servicing servicing mountain staff and our cook are even learning a little bit of English!

Our sincere gratitude to you who have helped make these operations possible, providing education and jobs for these 30 remote poverty stricken mountain villagers and their families. Wishing you blessings a million fold and a beautiful holiday season!